On a sunny day in July 2015, a cow residing at Kars decides to walk a bit to find more delicious grass and passes across the Armenian border. As a result, the cow creates a diplomatic crisis and a lot of workload for the humans around her. Humankinds’ addiction about putting up walls also takes place in this territory. The border gates between Turkey and Armenia have been closed since 1993, there are no diplomatic relations between the two countries and it is not possible for anyone to cross the border as the cow did. In order to pass to the ‘other’ side, the easiest way is to travel through Georgia or Iran, which requires a more than 500 km rough journey. In very few points of the world, you can see 4 different countries at the same time. One of these destinations is Igdır’ Aralik province. You stand in the hill, with a wonderful mountain view behind, on the left you see Armenian lands and on the right you see Iran territories. This documentary starts in this intersection of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iranian borders; where we witness ridiculousness of bureaucracy by tragicomic happenings. The documentary aims to show the ridiculousness of the human made borders and the border disorders we create in our minds. When the Berlin Wall was torn down there were 16 border fences around the world. Today, one third of all countries (66) are constructing walls and fences on their borders. There are 60 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, the highest level ever recorded in the world history. Europe is facing the worst refugee crisis since World War II and the solution is still building higher walls? Currently crisis, fights and wars in Turkey and all over the worlds we see the same symptom; “Border Disorder”.


As the world continues to globalize, humankind is being separated by six times more walls then it was during second World War. Because all of us were brought up to be born 'Border Disorder'. We have created safe zones for ourselves by drawing boundaries that pierced unwittingly and deeply in ourselves. Borders are for protecting ourselves but it actually meant to keep you from the others away. By the time creation of these circles that you we confined ourselves, became our own prisons. Could there be a border disorder in each unit due to the teaching of staying within the boundaries from the school years? We are hoping to discover this to on the road.